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Compassion Builds Connection Within Ourselves and with Each Other 

I have come to see compassion as the space between the heart and the mind, between wisdom and empathy. 
So much of the suffering we experience can be reduced when we practice compassion. This means practicing acceptance and non-judgement, and coming from a place of objectivity and care. When we do this, we are in a better position to operate out of our center and to be genuine. We can begin to break down barriers of doubt and control, and can relax in to our work, and in to play and develop a healthier work-play balance.
We can communicate and act from spontaneity and integrity. As a parent, approaching our children with compassion can increase our connection and confidence and empower our children to build their connection with us and their confidence in themselves.

When we treat ourselves with compassion, we are better able to offer this to others. This can make room for us to build more peacefulness, creativity, and joy.

Building Balance                                                
      Balance is one of the main keys to a healthy lifestyle. The four aspects of health are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. When one of these aspects is not taken care of, or is out of balance, our well being can be compromised. Each of these four components impacts the other dynamically. Read more . . .

EMDR an effective and integrative therapy
       What could a young woman who was grieving the loss of her mother, a man who has had social anxiety and a woman who has suffered multiple forms of abuse and trauma have in common? They are all showing major progress since doing a few sessions of EMDR. Read more . . .

Mental Health and Awareness from the Inside-Out
       With the increase in brain studies, it has become more defined how our mental and emotional state impacts our physical, spiritual and overall level of health and well being. It has become more evident that our physical state impacts our emotional and mental balance. Read more . . . 

Parenting with Compassion and Containment
      Parents tend to be more comfortable with either approaching parenting primarily through  nurturing or by setting limits. There are many philosophical and psychological perspectives on this. Balancing both love and limits with awareness provides a solid foundation for children. Read more . . . 

Write On!!  Journaling : a safe and positive outlet

       Did you have a diary once? Have you kept a journal of a trip or an important event ?  Do you have a container that will hold any chaotic feelings of anger, confusion, sadness, grief, joy, love, and more? One way to release and sort through multiple layers of feeling and thought, and to develop more clarity, regarding self awareness, decisions, values and priorities is through journaling. Read more . . .